About Farmflo

We love farming. But complex paperwork was taking over our lives. We created Farmflo to remove this complexity. We’ve partnered with some great organisations and we’re really proud of what we’ve built.

What is Farmflo?

Farmflo is a farmer friendly system designed to improve the speed and accuracy of keeping farm records for compliance reporting and traceability.  The idea for Farmflo was born out of our own frustration with compliance paperwork on our farm. After researching existing solutions, we quickly found that they did not meet our needs and were either too expensive or too complicated.

So we decided to create our own solution. Farmflo has been designed based on real farming problems faced by farmers across their entire farm. Our key objective was and still is to have an easy to use application that can allow farmers to quickly and accurately record all farm information in one place

Who we work with...

Meet the team

Dan O Donoghue


Dan O’Donoghue took over from Jason Devenney as CEO in June 2016. Dan brings a wealth of knowledge to the role, after being part of the leadership team at Dairygold Co-operative Society’s agri business for the last decade. Dan also previously held senior commercial roles at Diageo, Ireland. Contact: (+353) 838544579

Neal Gandhi


Neal is an entrepreneur with a track record of numerous successful start-ups operating across the world. He has a particular interest in technology and sustainability and an execution focus. As well as being Chairman of Farmflo, Neal is also Chairman of the Rainmaker Foundation.

Jason Devenney

Co-Founder & CTO

Jason grew up on the family farm in Ireland, before leaving to study computer science in London in 1995. After spending more than a decade working with cloud technology and big data analytics, implementing Intelligence solutions for government and military agencies across the globe, he co-founded Farmflo with his brother Gareth.

Gareth Devenney

Co-Founder & COO

Gareth grew up on the 140 acre family farm before studying at Greenmount Agricultural College. He worked on large farms in Australia, and then took over the day-to-day running of the family farm. Over the last ten years Gareth has focused on increasing cereal production and building the farm’s commercial flock of sheep. He is always looking at ways to make the farm run more efficiently and improve its performance.

Richard Fairman

Product Research & Development

Richard is Farmflo’s very own dairy expert who is also responsible for product research. He also undertook a study in agriculture at Greenmount Agricultural College before returning and taking a key role in the dairy activities on the family farm. Richard is a firm believer in being compliant but also realised that paperwork was taking time away from being on the farm, he is a true advocate for Farmflo.

Johnny Moore

Accounts Partner Manager

Johnny has the sole responsible for the management of relationships between accountants and Farmflo as well as demonstrating the Farmflo and Xero integration He has been living life on a sheep and crop farm for the past eight years and has over 20 years’ experience in sales roles both in Ireland and the UK. Johnny is the voice of Farmflo support and is on hand for all help and enquires.

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