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We are hiring software developers

Senior Software Developer Farmflo is a fast growth Agritech startup, headquartered in Ireland that is using cloud technology to deliver the next generation farming software. Farmflo is seeking a software developer with 4+ years commercial experience to work in a  fast­ paced, agile development environment. The ideal candidate should have strong  analy... Read more


Farmflo the Xero front end for farmers Farmflo allows farmers to keep their farm records up to date as the events happen on the farm, combine this with Xero and farmers can also keep their accounting records up to date without having to do any additional work. Keep your farm inventory in sync with all items purchased from suppliers Your inventory is automatically updated in farmflo as you... Read more

Lights, Camera, Action!

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!!! After a long weekend of Gareth ploughing, Monday of last week was unlike any other normal start of the week, with the usual day to day farm chores or Farmflo office duties, instead Gareth and I were both nervously anticipating the arrival of the RTE Nationwide TV crew. Nationwide as many of you will know is a well loved TV programme which is an inherent part of many Ir... Read more

Farmflo are Expanding

Exciting times lay ahead for the Farmflo team based at their HQ in Donegal, Ireland. We have a new innovative and modern office facilities and recruitment opportunities as well as lots of other exciting news which will be revealed in the next few months. Since Farmflo’s launched in June 2014 we have grown our team from two to a very strong work force of twenty.  With the Farmflo team continuo... Read more

Farmflo Rocks Xerocon London 2015

  If your impression of an accountant is perhaps a dull and geeky image, then you haven’t met a Xero accountant, these guys totally rock! This week Farmflo were super excited to attend Xerocon2015, a cloud accountancy software company’s conference.  This was the first year Farmflo attended to showcase our latest farming compliance software and how it seamlessly integrates into Xero acco... Read more

Raising money for Donegal Pet Rescue

Donegal Pet Rescue (DPR) was formed in the year 2000 to address the problem of unwanted, abandoned and neglected dogs and cats as well as responding to issues of Animal Cruelty across County Donegal. Farmflo ‘s employees are animal lovers so we decided to volunteer to help with collecting money in Dealz in the Local Shopping Centre to help raise money for DPR.  Unfortunately due to illness th... Read more

Remember the elderly at Christmas

Christmas is about spending time with family and friends but a lot of older people spend Christmas alone.  Nicola popped in to visit her 93 year old grandmother to have a cup of tea and a catch up. But unfortunately not all elderly people are so fortunate to have people to visit them on a regularly basis or over Christmas. Many elderly people are confined to the home and is a situation that thous... Read more

Farmflo team donate to We Care LK Food Bank

We Care LK Food Bank is a new charity in Letterkenny and are currently collecting food to stock the Food Bank. After hearing about We Care LK here at Farmflo we realised we could help this charity by donating food. All Farmflo employees brought in food to the office to help fill bags to donate to the local collection point. Today Nicola dropped off Farmflo’s bags of food to the drop in the Lette... Read more

Donating unwanted Jackets to the “Jacket off your back Campaign”

The “Jacket Off Your Back” is a new project that Carlow business man Kevin Kelly and his wife Sue Kelly started at the end of November, 2014. Their aim is to keep homeless people warm this winter with their priority being the homeless in Ireland first and then Syrian refugee camps. They have been collecting old and new coats and will start handing them out in December. This year all Farm... Read more

Countdown to Christmas

[caption id="attachment_626" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Nicola donating hamper to Cara house[/caption] What a fantastic year 2014 has been for Farmflo, we officially launched our software to the farming community in June and since then so much has happened. The Farmflo team has grown to 14 people, all committed to the task of providing the best farm management software to reduce the stress ... Read more

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