Meeting of the minds- Teagasc Spring Walk

  Last week we were fortunate to attend the Teagasc Spring Walk held in Newtowncunningham farms belonging to James Robinson and Robin McNutt. The purpose of the walk was to offer advice and support to local farmers involved in the tillage sector. Michael Hennessy, Tillage specialist, Ben Wilkinson Regional manager and Martin McCullough, Adviser, from Teagasc presented up to date advice and... Read more

Online SFP Applications – New Technology saving farmers time

This is an actively busy time of the year for farmers and with the SFP/SPS application deadline looming, the addition workload can cause much stress and worry. However since last year the application process has been available to complete online, eliminating some of the concerns farmers may encompass. With strict compliance and regulations to document perhaps the tradition paper based method is no... Read more

Farmflo at the Dublin Web Summit

With over 200 international speakers and 4,000 plus attendees from 50+ countries descending on Dublin, October 17 and 18 making the Dublin Web Summit one of the hottest events on the global tech scene. We had been shortlisted to showcase alongside 150 other global start-ups in the START programme, the perfect opportunity to launch Farmflo and on home turf. It was a fantastic couple of days and gre... Read more

Welcome to Farmflo

The idea for Farmflo started from a need for a easy to use and affordable solution to manage our own farm records. After looking at several options we decided to build our own version that worked in a similar fashion to Google mail or facebook using the internet allowing us to use farmflo with any internet connected PC. This meant that we were not tied down to having our software on one PC in the ... Read more

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