A Tour of Farmflo’s Features

Farmflo can make your life easier. Here is an overview of the features which make that happen.


Collect information from all sources in Farmflo to run your dairy operation. Have a breakdown by individual animal or herd, look at milk solids, yield, grass covers, treatments. Make informed decisions to maximize the efficiency of your farm's production.

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Ensure continued efficiency and performance of your beef suckler herd. Plan your calving year ahead, ensure efficient feeding of cows, body conditioning, bull selection, fertility, animal health and track ease of calving.

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Maximize your beef profitability, track all animal movements on and off your farm, record treatments, disease tests, produce feed plans and track live weight gain. Demonstrate compliance with government legislation.

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Keep track of all activity on your crops from planting, cultivation through to harvest and ensure that all the required compliance paperwork is up to date.

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Map out and manage your fields, soil and fertility. Record crop information from planting, spraying, fertilizer application through to harvest. Ensure all your information is accurate and up to date for your compliance inspections.

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Universal Features

Mobile Recording

Record with Farmflo Touch on the go, on the farm, out in the field and in real time. No signal? No problem! Farmflo Touch works without a connection and will automatically sync.


Farmflo allows you to map out your farm so you can visually plan and coordinate activity in your fields, barns and paddocks.


Record all your stock movements such as seed, fertilizer, chemicals, medicines and know exactly where and how they are stored. Be ready for an inspection.


Store all your contacts in one place, have them at your finger tips. Store all the details you need, add notes and make sure you're always up to date.


Get the reports you need for compliance in an instant.Use Farmflo reporting for farm improvement, increase yields, all in real time.

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