Beef Farming with Farmflo

Maximize your beef profitability, track all animal movements on and off your farm, record treatments, disease tests, produce feed plans and track live weight gain. Demonstrate compliance with government legislation.

Manage your Beef Herd

Animal Profiles

Manage your beef herd efficiently with real-time information on your animal’s profiles. Track everything from feeding, health, testing, weighing you know exactly when your animals are ready for market to achieve best price.


Unhealthily animals affect your profitability. Record animals receiving treatment and ensure that remedies are stored and used correctly in line with compliance legislation. Keep track of all remedies stored on your farm.


Reduce the amount of paperwork for recording movements on and off your farm. Record purchase details, hauliers details and animal identification. Notify the relevant government departments electronically on all animal movements.


Never fear an inspection again. Have all your reports available at the touch of a button, ready for your scheduled farm inspection or use the reports to increase the efficiency of your farm.

Work more Efficiently


Feeding and nutrition are important factors to ensure efficiency in your beef production. Create feed plans and track their effectiveness so helping you to manage you feed costs.

Grass Management

Optimise your grazing platform, record grass levels, produce grass graphs and compare projected vs actual. Make real-time decisions on where best to graze your animals...Coming Soon!


Record the weighing your animals as required, get a real-time view on live weight gain and have the ability to make on the spot decision to improve finishing time and optimize profitability.

Mobile recording on the Farm

Farmflo Touch mobile application allows you to keep your beef herd records up to date as your working on the farm using your smartphone. Even if you do not have an internet connection.

Do Even More

Go offline, anywhere

With Farmflo Touch mobile app, you can quickly record events as they happen on your farm using your smartphone. Your data is then synced automatically for you so you can focus on farming.

Map Grass Crops

Visualise your grass crops. Map out your field on your grazing platform to see an overview of how your grass is performing. Record all slurry, fertilizer of pesticide applications on each field.


Having unlimited users at no extra cost, means that anyone working on your farm has the ability to record information as the events happen. No more missing or out of date records.

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