Crops in Farmflo

Map out and manage your fields, soil and fertility. Record crop information from planting, spraying, fertilizer application through to harvest. Ensure all your information is accurate and up to date for your compliance inspections.

Manage your crops

Field Mapping

Manage your locations easily in Farmflo. Use the mapping feature to plot your field’s total area, mark out buffer zones and colour code each crop.

Soil Testing

Get the most from your soil, record soil tests against each field, review soil test history and ensure that your improvement plans are working.


Keep track of your crops. Record your crop type, planting dates, weather conditions and fields planted, then manage your crop through the season.

Compliance and Reporting

Keep your crop records up to date as events happen in the field, then use the reports available to produce compliance and quality assurance reports for inspections.


Plan what fertilizer is required for your crops, record fertilizer application rates, weather conditions and track the fields it was applied.


Record when chemicals are purchased and how they are stored on your farm. Track spraying applications, weather conditions, rates of application and growth stages.


Track your crop harvest, weather conditions, quality and quantity harvested and how it was moved from field to storage.

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