Dairy Farming with Farmflo

Collect information from across your farm in Farmflo to efficiently run your dairy operation. Have a breakdown by individual animal or herd, look at milk solids, yield, grass covers, treatments and more. Make informed decisions to maximize your farm's production.

Managing your dairy herd

Animal Profiles

Get an insight into your herd’s production with a real-time profile for each individual animal. Track animal feeding, health, weighing, calving and milking performance. Everything you need to know about your herd to to make the best decisions in one place.


Unhealthy animals affect your profitability. Record animals receiving treatment and withdrawn from your milk production. Ensure that remedies are stored and used correctly in line with compliance legislation and know exactly what remedies you have at hand.


Animal movements on and off the farm usually means paperwork, record purchase details, haulier's details and all required animal identification. Notify the relevant government department electronically of all animal movements. Saving you time and worry.


Never fear an inspection again. Have all your reports available at the touch of a button, ready for your scheduled farm inspection or use the reports to increase the efficiency of your farm.

Monitor Your Dairy Animals


Feeding and nutrition are important factors to ensure efficiency in your milk production. Create feed plans and track their effectiveness so helping you to manage you feed costs.


Having your animals serviced and in calf is vital to your business. Record pre-service heats and services, set an alert to check the animal in 19 days in case a repeat service is necessary.


Get confirmation that your animal services have been successful. Check to see which animals are in calf. Set an alert for when animals are due to calf and maximize your milk production...Coming Soon!

Producing Milk

The goal for your dairy farm is efficient, high-quality milk production. With Farmflo collecting & storing your farming data in one place, you can see real-time any factors that affect your production. You can quickly put in place a corrective plan to keep milk production on track to prevent any loss in revenue.

Do even More

Grass Management

Optimise your grazing platform, record grass levels, produce grass graphs and compare projected vs actual. Make real-time decisions on where best to graze your animals.. Coming Soon!

Go offline, anywhere

With Farmflo Touch mobile app, you can quickly record events as they happen on the farm using your smart phone. The data is then synced automatically for you so you can focus on farming.


Visualise your farm. Map out your land and yard, colour code for crop or grazing platform to see an overview of your land use instantly. Record field activity with a simple drag and drop.

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