Suckler Farming with Farmflo

Ensure continued efficiency and performance of your suckler herd. Plan your calving year ahead, ensure efficient feeding of cows, body conditioning, bull selection, fertility, animal health and track ease of calving

Managing your Suckler Herd

Animal Profiles

Maintaining well-conditioned animals is important to your suckler herd. Track the welfare of each animal from feeding, weight, body condition to calving. Collect everything you need to know on your suckler herd to maximise your production in one place.


Maximize your profitability by ensuring that you have a healthy suckler herd. Minimize loss through disease by treating your animals according to the recurring treatment plans. Record all remedies storage and usage in line with compliance legislation.


Reduce the paperwork involved with animal movements on and off your farm, record purchase details, haulier's details and all the required animal identification. Notify the relevant government department electronically of all your animal movements.


Never fear an inspection again. Have all your reports available at the touch of a button, ready for your scheduled farm inspection or use our reports to increase the efficiency of your farm

Monitor your Animals


Having your animals serviced and in calf is vital to your business. Record pre-service heats and service, set an alert to check the animal in 19 days in case a repeat service is necessary.


Ease the stress at calving by ensuring that all your animals are in peak condition, track and register live births electronically. Ensure your beef calves have a healthy start.

Grass Management

Optimise your grazing platform, record grass levels, produce grass graphs and compare projected vs actual. Make real-time decisions on where best to graze your animals...Coming Soon!

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