Harvest 2015 well underway and winter planting already begun

Harvest 2015 is well underway in Ireland and Great Britain

Irish and British farmers report that harvest 2015 is progressing well and winter planting has already started.

Crop farmers across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have been making considerable progress over the last fortnight with the 2015 harvest.

Despite the contrasting weather conditions on both sides of the Irish sea – which have seen higher than average temperatures for August in Great Britain, and greater than average rainfall for Ireland – the bulk of the winter barley and oilseed rape have now been harvested.

Early data suggests that yields of winter barley could be up 8% on last year’s figures in Ireland to around 4t/ac, while Great Britain is set to see an increase of around 14% to 7.3 t/ha. This year’s oilseed rape crop is also faring well, up nearly an estimated 5% year-on-year in Ireland to 2.2 t/ac, and an increase of around 10% in England and Wales to approximately 7.7 t/ha.

This year’s winter wheat and spring barley crops have been largely delayed in Ireland due to the summer showers, they are averaging yields of 8t/ha and 6.2 t/ha, respectively, in Great Britain. While the winter oats harvest is only just beginning in Scotland, this year’s crop is averaging 4t/ac for Irish farmers.

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