Farmflo Enterprise

Save Time and Money with Guaranteed Efficiencies.
Proven procurement solution for harvestable crops, with real-time reports.
Easy to implement and use, with secure cloud-based, interactive supplier access.

Farmflo Enterprise

Supplier Login

Invite your Suppliers to Farmflo's 'self-service' access to their account for:

  • Contract details
  • Pricing status
  • Responding to offers and setting bids for automated triggering
  • Cropping activity recording
  • Sample quality results
  • Supply shipment schedules
  • Commercial accept/reject of supply

Real-Time Reports

Save time collating data — Farmflo delivers up-to-the-minute insight on all your:

  • Contracts
  • Pricing
  • Harvest progress
  • Quality results
  • Elevator/intake shipment schedules
  • On-farm inventories


Quickly set up and manage individual Supplier Contracts for specific Crops and Supply Periods:

  • Manage your Pricing and Quality parameters, Supplier locations and Inventory
  • Review quality results status, and record your commercial accept/reject of inventories
  • Go seamless with ERP integration


Set up and instantly send your Pricing Offers to Suppliers, by variety and contracting location:

  • Set 'buy' quantity limits
  • Record Pricing Transactions managed within your enterprise-configurable rules
  • Record Supplier 'Automated Price Requests' for triggering when your offer matches or exceeds bid

Quality Results

Manage all laboratory analysis quality parameters and pass/fail/ borderline levels for each crop type:

  • Instantly send quality results to Supplier once sample analysis is marked 'complete'
  • Supports harvest, re-check and supply sample results

Inventory & Shipments

Ensure consistency at intake:

  • Instantly filter on-farm inventories based on variety and quality
  • Then schedule required quantities for shipment to elevators/intake locations
  • Instantly send Suppliers new shipment schedule

Supplier/Farm Audits

Create and manage your Supplier/Farm Audit questionnaires covering your own requirements, in areas such as:

  • Sustainability
  • Organic Production
  • Health & Safety

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