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    'Whenever you’re buying produce from farmers, handling contracts,
    pricing, logistics and quality control, Farmflo has the features you need.'
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“It’s really a great tool that’s easy to use, does a fantastic job and works very well. With Farmflo Enterprise, we have significantly improved the speed and accuracy of information flow between farmers, farm traders, transport planners, administrators, hauliers, weighbridge operators, laboratory staff and management.”

Owen Southwood - General Manager, Scotgrain Agriculture

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“As we enter our third season working with Farmflo, the jewels in the crown are the real time reports that are embedded on the platform. Farmflo listened to our requirements and delivered a best in class reporting suite that’s live and up to the minute, every minute.”

Eddie Douglas - Commercial Director, Bairds Malt Limited


Save Time and Money with Guaranteed Efficiencies.
Proven agri-food, supply chain ​/ procurement solution with real-time reports.
Easy to implement and use with Azure cloud, secure supplier access.

Farmflo Enterprise

Supplier Login

Invite your Suppliers to Farmflo's 'self-service' access to their account for:

  • Contract details
  • Pricing status
  • Responding to offers and setting bids for automated triggering
  • Cropping activity recording
  • Sample quality results
  • Supply shipment schedules
  • Commercial accept/reject of supply

Real-Time Reports

Save time collating data — Farmflo delivers up-to-the-minute insight on all your:

  • Contracts
  • Pricing
  • Harvest progress
  • Quality results
  • Elevator/intake shipment schedules
  • On-farm inventories


Quickly set up and manage individual Supplier Contracts for specific Crops and Supply Periods:

  • Manage your Pricing and Quality parameters, Supplier locations and Inventory
  • Review quality results status, and record your commercial accept/reject of inventories
  • Go seamless with ERP integration


Set up and instantly send your Pricing Offers to Suppliers, by variety and contracting location:

  • Set 'buy' quantity limits
  • Record Pricing Transactions managed within your enterprise-configurable rules
  • Record Supplier 'Automated Price Requests' for triggering when your offer matches or exceeds bid

Quality Results

Manage all laboratory analysis quality parameters and pass/fail/ borderline levels for each crop type:

  • Instantly send quality results to Supplier once sample analysis is marked 'complete'
  • Supports harvest, re-check and supply sample results

Inventory & Shipments

Ensure consistency at intake:

  • Instantly filter on-farm inventories based on variety and quality
  • Then schedule required quantities for shipment to elevators/intake locations
  • Instantly send Suppliers new shipment schedule

Supplier/Farm Audits

Create and manage your Supplier/Farm Audit questionnaires covering your own requirements, in areas such as:

  • Sustainability
  • Organic Production
  • Health & Safety

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