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Discover a new way of working. You save time. Easy to use farming App. Seamless agronomist communications. Results you will love. Your feedback informs our product development.



See your fields and crops which your agronomist has set up on their Farmflo Agronomist programme. View all the their recorded crop walking activity and recommendations, specific to each of your fields in Farmflo FARM “timeline”.


Receive plans with fields, products and rates as created by your agronomist via any internet connection. This is a seamless process via cloud computing, with no downloading, printing or writing required, just view your new plans and accurately record the spraying or fertiliser activity as completed when you have it done. Record all your spray, soil conditioning and fertiliser activities. Create activity records for fields by selecting agrochemicals from the full PCS list and chemical and organic fertilisers and soil conditioners (eg lime), from our comprehensive list of fertiliser products. Add your bespoke products to your farm stock list e.g. any specialist fertiliser formulations with unique NPK analysis. Our comprehensive list of products, records the kgs / hectare applied of primary (N,P,K), secondary (S, Ca, Mg, Na) and trace elements (B, Mn, Co, CU, I, Zn, Se) in your soil conditioners and fertiliser activity.


Complete a profile of your farm on Farmflo FARM. Add additional fields to complete your farm. If you wish, you can map all fields on your farm using our mapping tool. Record your agro chemical sprayers make and model data, nozzle makes and models plus your last, sprayer test date. Add in your local spray and fertiliser spreader contractor details. These details will be held for you for future use.


Download and print or save and email your compliance Pesticide Application Report and your fertiliser report for your farm. Create spray and fertiliser plans using complete PCS list. See sample reports. Pesticide Application Report. Soil and Crop Nutrient report (fertilisers).


Team Farmflo are committed to continuous product development in order to drive paperwork out of farming. Our customer feedback that identifies themes of new requirements is actively reviewed and used to create our product development roadmap. With our agile product development approach, we release features and upgrades every two weeks.

Farmflo Agronomist

Discover a new way of working. You save time. Mobile and easy to use crop walking App. Works offline too. Seamless grower communications. Results you will love. Continuously developing features for you.


Grower Management

Easily set up your own grower client lists and maintain it over time. Use Farmflo CONNECT to create a paperless relationship with growers who subscribe to Farmflo FARM

Crop Management

Create lists of fields and crops on each farm you are working with. You can also map fields out with our simple mapping tool that calculates area too.

Spray Plan Manangement

Pre-season, you can create templates of your popular spray plan combinations for crops, growth stages and various conditions from our full chemicals list. Pick your preferred shortlist from our Irish spray products list.

Nutrient Plan Management

Create your preferred shortlist of nutrient products used by your clients from our extensive lists of chemical and organic fertilisers with their NPK values.

Inspections Management

Easy to record your crop walking and crop status per field with our drop-down menus for disease, pest, deficiencies etc. Select crop pressure type and name, then rate the level as low, medium or high

Recommendation Management

Create chemical or fertiliser plans for one or multiple fields at a time. Save and share plans via the cloud to Farmflo FARM customers or email and c.c. to your depot for order dispatch with notes to depot staff.

What People are saying

Here’ s a sample of what our customers are saying about their Farmflo experience.


Farmflo is benefitting our farm immensely

“It’s an easy system to use. We are able to get reports at any time, fill out applications etc. All the information is in the one place - it’s saving us so much time.”

Paul Finnegan - Beef & Crop Farmer - Ireland


Farmflo is very effective and easy to use

“I have finally found a crop management package that is very farmer user friendly, and saves the hassle of recording inputs on paper.”

Adrian Barr - Crop Farmer - UK


When your tractor seat is also your office chair

“When your tractor seat is also your office chair, Farmflo makes record keeping a lot easier.”

Liam Robb - Crop Farmer - Ireland

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